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It is indisputable that inventions, methods, technologies, applications, solutions and/or services termed "Artificial Intelligence" have a large role to play in the process of digitalization and the 4th generation of ICT systems.

In 1991 it was just as indisputable to us at Onesys, that electronic medical record (EMRs) and EMR systems would be at least as instrumental in the management and utilization of health information, medical records and other healthcare service provider-generated information.

The Onesys Navigator (ON) software was conceived as a solution to connect information created in different EMR systems:

The result is a technology unique in the world, with the aid of which a doctor or nurse today may utilize information irrespective of the data structures of the EMR system that information was generated in.

More on the ON and what makes it special here.

It would be practically impossible to create a similar piece of software today, due to the increasing and comprehensive complexity brought on by large regions adopting one or a few EMR systems, which results in localized and fragmented ecosystems of data.

Our position on AI is largely the same: We simply do not know and dare not predict, exactly which one or few examples of AI will prove themselves under market pressures and conditions.

This is why we are currently embarked upon developing the interoperability architecture of the ON, in order to better integrate with and bring to the fore the benefits offered by contemporary AI solutions:

For example, information entered into the ON workspace will be entered in such a manner, or may be converted to such a structure, which is usable for an AI to utilize.

The ON also enables utilization and documentation thereof of AI solutions in the path of care: For instance, when a specific image or set of images prompts the AI to notify a physician of a suspected abnormality (or even a specific diagnosis), both this prompt as well as the physician's response will be visible as a digital footprint in the ON workspace.

These footprints may prove instrumental in developing AI solutions and their use-cases, especially for AI vendors or providers.

Onesys Medical is not an EMR vendor, nor are we an AI company.

For companies: We are interested in speaking to you of your solutions.

For healthcare service providers: We're prepared to tailor visualization and care path solutions, so that you are better able to fully reap the benefits of your chosen AI solution, at a competitive price.

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