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Onesys Navigator - Meet your EHR's new GUI.

Onesys Navigator (or OneSys) is an EHR-integrated GUI, which operates based on hospital cloud or on-prem servers. Its purpose is to radically improve the speed and convenience of finding pertinent information.


Central to OneSys is the concept of pertinent information, and the need to make it accessible to clinicians.

Doctors spend too much time looking for information, especially when it is contained in separate EHRs. OneSys solves these issues in a novel way.

At the core of OneSys is the idea of "navigability of medical information", read more here, which is achieved via the use of "windows". In short, OneSys allows the user to open windows into other external systems such as EHRs and RIS, point to information therein, and store their selections for later use. These selections are stored as OneSys documents which are sized in kilobytes.

Integration of OneSys into EHRs and RIS is exceptionally easy. Despite this, we recommend that new customers begin by outlining an integration featuring two EHRs and one PACS/DICOM system. This is to give clinicians a first experience on the use of their new tool ("do we need this?"), while also giving the healthcare provider a concrete understanding of what integration involves ("do we want to support this?").

In the above example, prepare for an integration period of 2 to 3 business days.

Adoption can further be limited to a specific units, such as radiology and oncology (RIS-EHR), neurosurgery and control visits (EHR-EHR), or between separate radiotherapy units with non-interoperable oncology information systems (OIS-OIS).

Our integrations are fast due to a novel model we've developed, which we call "block integration". In short, this allows OneSys to execute some of its functions from the same memory space as the EHR, for example, if OneSys is executed as an application from the EHR itself.

You can read more about Block Integration here.

Healthcare providers are always upgrading their systems. Despite this, right now might be the best time to integrate OneSys to your ecosystem, as this will give your clinicians a user interface which they can rely on - change in the underlying EHR architecture has no effect on the OneSys GUI.


Furthermore, any medical records or images pointed to which may not be accessible in the new EHR, remain accessible with OneSys.

Onesys Mobile Navigator - bringing mobility to the clinical workflow.

One domain where the need to share highly specific information - at most a picture or a sentence - is for on-call doctors. With OneSys Mobile, we are able to deliver this functionality via Android smartphones.

We're always excited to work with new partners.

We believe one of the most important things to establish early is a track record - ours is available here

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