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The ICT dimension of failure demand

When clinicians highlight issues relating to their work, and what they say is converted into jargon more practical for managing ICT-related issues, the problem is defined using these three terms: fragmentation, silofication and lack of interoperability.

For a problem to be solved, it must be adequately defined. As such, the obvious solutions to the above issues involve the standardization of information, modern enterprise architecture and often complex EHR system updates or onboarding cycles.

As these superior architectures are then brought into the clinical practice, it tends to take years for clinicians to adopt them, and even then the resulting user experience (UX) is never at the level originally promised.


What if the fragmentation, silofication and lack of interoperability common to EHRs is not a bug, but a feature of the surrounding healthcare environment?

What if clinical workflows could be made more practical and more complex use of medical data could be enabled, in a manner that the clinician feels intuitive? And what if onboarding this robust set of new value was not only fast and cost efficient, but practical to implement into your existing EHR system, or mix of EHR systems?


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