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Copyright notice
© 2020 Onesys Oy, all rights reserved.

Onesys, Onesys "Red clefts" logo, Onesys "White clefts" logo, Onesys Medical Card (OMC), Onesys Navigator (ON), are copyrights and/or registered copyrights and trademarks of Onesys Oy (Onesys Medical)

All other copyrighted material is the property of their respective copyright holders.


We don't collect your information for the purposes of sale, nor do we sell any information we do store about you. We do not record any personally identifiable information nor do we utilize social media integrations in order to identify you, to send you directed marketing nor to group or cohort you for the purposes of online marketing thereof.

Our webpages are protected with a 2048-bit SSL/TLS certificate. We also apply HSTS on our website which means the site cannot be loaded in a non-secure (http) format.

We believe in transparent methods; below you will find some examples of the kinds of the cookies we do utilize, their functionality (what they do) and information as to how you may delete or opt out of cookies. If you would like to opt out of cookies altogether on your browser, please refer to this website

About Cookies is our website, we use cookies to enable and develop our services thereof, such as:

"_ga" this is a Google Universal Analytics-cookie, it allows us to record the number of users on our website at any given time and over time. This cookie will record your IP address. The cookie will automatically delete itself after 2 years.

Example: at the time of writing the writer's _ga cookie was called "GA1.2.2105813453.1526496965"

GA1.2 tells us the version of the cookie,
2105813453 is a randomized number to differentiate the user from others,
1526496965 is the time in standardized units at which point the cookie was installed.

"_gat"  is a Google Universal Analytics-cookie which sets the abovementioned _ga cookie. It checks whether the cookie exists and if not, knows to install it on your browser.

"_gid" is another Google Universal Analytics-cookie which works in conjunction with _ga, it tells us what pages you frequent.

"Crumb" is a cookie which protects our website (and your data, such as any forms you send us) from Cross-Site request forgery attacks, which is a kind of cyber security attack which attempts to hack into our back-end.

This website was made possible with Wix, a WYSIWYG, Java-based website creator. Wix also applies cookies onto your browser for the purposes of rendering the website, cyber security, and other useful things. These cookies are crucial to differentiate between editors and visitors.

As outlined above, our use of cookies is rather milquetoast - we only gather very generic information to follow trends. Chances are that if you're here, you're probably not looking for something we can advertise you about on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Some useful tidbits these cookies allow us to do, is to time our updates in such a way that there is no disruption.

In Brief

A comprehensive list of the cookies we use you will find in your browser settings.

That being said, your browser might have cookies installed onto it from 3rd parties prior to your visit to our site, which nonetheless may provide us some utility beyond our control. More on this below.

3rd Party Cookies

In practice all websites use cookies, since we use Google Analytics it is possible that your visits may be recorded differently, which allows us to see for example from what website you came from (backlinks) and/or what browser you use. Ironically these cookies might be from Facebook or another social media platform of your choice. These cookies are on your device only in those instances where you've already had them preinstalled prior to your visit to our site.

How do I Delete


You may find free online cookie deletion software and extensions, or use your browser's settings: For example you might use the small "Lock" icon, click on it, hover to "cookies" and delete, suspend, reinstall, clear or block any cookies you wish. Bear in mind this may adversely impact your browsing experience.

The Pages

The only information we gather apart from the above, is through any information you provide us with via forms or contact requests.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any records we have, and to ask us to delete them.

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