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Onesys invents and applies cutting-edge technological solutions for healthcare.

Tools for Healing People

It began with the Man of Steel

The 1960's was a budding time for comic books which sought to imagine the future.
For example, Superman's "x-ray vision" allowed him to see glass in the brain:

The image consists of two panels from the comicbook "Superman". In these two panels Superman is depicted having "X-Ray vision", which allows him to see glass in the brain. Seeing glass in the brain would not in reality be possible with x-ray's or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which was an issue Professor John Koivukangas faced in his career. Instead, the need for "super sight" developed into what is today termed Image-Guided Surgery and so-called Surgical Navigation Systems, which allows computers to identify objects from images and highlight them.

This served as inspiration for Professor John Koivukangas, who sought to bring such "supersight" into neurosurgery. From this began a decades-long effort that would see the first uses of intraoperative ultrasound and iMRI, minimally-invasive surgery (MIS) and image-guided surgery (IGS), and continues in Onesys to this day.

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