The Start of   Something New 

2020 is a new beginning for us with ramped-up collaboration and partnership ventures: Our focus will be on the surgical process, that is, technologies used in patient care as it relates to the integration of all data basing solutions including archives and registries (we call this the "operational layer" please see this short Note for reference.)

Here are just a few of the inventions we have in our arsenal:

1. Onesys Navigator software (ON) including mobile applications thereof (OMN)

Products available via SaaS, white label or supplier licensing.

2. The Onesys Medical Card (OMC) which allows for the storage and distribution of pertinent health information using a chip-based smart card.

Product available as white label or through intermediaries as a physician-performed service.


In addition, we are working on a 3rd generation navigator based on our experience working on the arm robot navigator ("1st generation navigator") and working with contemporary optical navigation systems ("2nd generation navigators")

We're about to disrupt surgical navigation. Again.

It is our intention to form a hub specializing in surgical navigation and medtech in Finland. The reasons for the location are the numerous advantages of the locality, climate (business as well as actual) and extensive networks with local health care as well as medtech verticals. Further, IPR, innovation and other intangible asset generation is becoming central to local enterprise.

For this purpose we require capital. We view the current climate (as of Q2 2020) as opportune for specifically our kind of business case, based on development and possession of relevant innovative technologies with global potential.
All Onesys products are HIPAA-compliant and where necessary, FDA-approved.

Is this the kind of opportunity you're looking for?


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*This list assumes that at least 2 out of the 3 following conditions are met:

1. The collaboration resulted in a product with a minimum market value of 200 million euros

2. The collaboration has been on equal terms and not as subsidiary or "free stuff"

3. The projects began as collaboration were also successively concluded within budget - we do not term "promising results" as collaboration but as trials. These we have a number of not mentioned here.



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