ESKO - is a patient information system (or electronic health record system, EHR) used and developed at Oulu University Hospital, the functionalities of which have been created with the workflows of clinicians, surgeons and radiologists in mind.

Many hospital administrators have awoken to a realization whereby your typical EHR or HIS (Hospital Information System) is seen by physicians as an obstacle to patient care.

Furthermore, the principle whereby the health information associated with a given patient is that patient's property is easier said than done.


In many ways ESKO has been able to deal with these issues at the core: In a sense, it is the ancestor of "modern" EHRs (note for the reader: the source code of most contemporary EHRs is from the 1970's).

ESKO's challenge in turn has been that it was made within- and for the use of- ​​one hospital district (PPSHP) and not as a commercializable product. This is something that is being corrected as of 2019 whereby a new corporation was formed with the distinct purpose of commercializing the ESKO-system as a local EHR player.

Onesys Navigator runs on ESKO as a native plugin, allowing for the creation of workspaces consisting of pertinent information which can be returned to years, even decades after the most recent patient encounter.