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Onesys Oy (Onesys Medical) was born out of a university surgical navigator project and our namesake, the Oulu Neuronavigator System.


This first generation navigator - and one of the first such Surgical Navigator Systems (SNS) in the world - utilized a UNIX Workstation which gave us a start on the integration of images and medical records.

Our work today is focused primarily on the more advanced utilization of existing information, as well as working on the technological solutions this will no doubt require.

The Company has two primary segments: GUIs for clinical documentation and visualization, and a 3rd Generation SNS.

As of 2022, the Company is developing and intends to commercialize a next-generation low field surgical MRI system (Onesys Anchor MRI).

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Onesys Medical is a European-American medical technology company headquartered in Myrskylä, Finland and registered in Helsinki, Finland.

Our activities are organized under 3 segments:
Surgical imaging
Medical ICT
Surgical navigation


You will find our technologies and invented methods in use today at any major hospital, and in just about any MRI software GUI.


We believe that medical technology is absolutely crucial for solving the future challenges placed upon welfare societies, and comprises perhaps the greatest opportunity for Finland in specific:

Adjusted for population, Finland employs just 10% per capita in medical technology compared to the United States.


Despite this, 40% of all high technology exports from Finland (half of which is to the USA) are in medical technology.

There is an incredible potential here for growth, and it is our view that Onesys technologies will be a big part in the next chapter of European MedTech.


John Koivukangas, CEO

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Mikael Koivukangas, Head of R&D


Available Today

Onesys Navigator-software (ON)

Onesys Medical Card (OMC)

In Development

Onesys Mobile Navigator (OMN)

3rd Generation Surgical Navigator

Anchor MRI

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Integration with/to the EHR

Surgical Navigation

PACS/DICOM <-> EHR integration

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Minimizing non-clinical work (admin)

Integrating multiple system workflows

Graphical User Interfaces

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