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01 / The Original Onesys

Onesys Oy (Onesys Medical) is a pioneering company in the medtech innovation space.

At Onesys we invent, develop and launch new technologies which otherwise would not exist.

Our roots are in Oulu and Minnesota, where our founders pioneered neurosurgical navigation and surgical imaging primarily on a self-funded model. These came together in the Oulu Neuronavigation System, the first-in-class neurosurgical passive arm robot used for localization of brain tumors.

02 / Commended

Our patents, inventions and discoveries have opened many doors: We're an equal partner with a number of notable actors in the medtech vertical, with whom we share a multi-decade track record of results and novel added value. We are not a middleman but an actor specializing in genuinely tackling the core problems of health care with novel solutions that we envision and create in-house.

We are pioneers in: Neurosurgery, medical 3D printing, intraoperative ultrasound, surgical intraoperative MRI (iMRI), CT/MRI imaging technologies, surgical robots and smart databasing, and the only common denominator.

Our work as a primarily Nordic actor has been noted among others in "the top 60 milestones during the last 160 years in neurosurgery"[1],[2]. Specifically noted was our work in surgical imaging techniques, with which we proved that the future of surgery is minimally invasive which in turn necessitated surgical imaging.

Anytime you are in a hospital and you are imaged and undergo surgery, it is extremely likely that you will have benefited from one our innovations, with which modern surgical care is more precise, modern and safe regardless of specialty.

All imaging OEMs use some variant of our intellectual property rights to this day.



03 / In Action

As indicated above our best-known invention is the so-called passive arm robot navigator (see patent:https://patents.google.com/patent/US5413573A/en).

This patent has since been sold to Elekta Ab.

Some may (and do) ask: "Well what is it you possess exactly, if you're selling patents?"

The answer is simple and unambiguous: The ability to invent relevant things.

Here are just a few of the inventions we have in our arsenal:

1. Onesys Navigator software (ON) including mobile applications thereof (OMN)

Products available via SaaS, white label or supplier licensing.

2. The Onesys Medical Card (OMC) which allows for the storage and distribution of pertinent health information using a chip-based smart card.

Product available as white label or through intermediaries as a physician-performed service.

3. Our 3rd generation navigator which we are developing based on our experience working on the arm robot navigator ("1st generation navigator") and working with contemporary optical navigation systems ("2nd generation navigators")

We're about to disrupt surgical navigation. Again.

It is our intention to form a hub specializing in surgical navigation and medtech in Finland. The reasons for the location are the numerous advantages of the locality, climate and extensive networks with local health care as well as medtech verticals.

For this purpose we require capital. We view the current climate (as of Q2 2020) as stupendously opportune for specifically our kind of business case, based on development and possession of relevant innovative technologies.

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We utilize state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs to create novel technological solutions. Our work is integrated directly with existing clinical workflows, guaranteeing a seamless fit into the physician's routine. 


Health care.

Our focus encompasses both large university central hospitals as well as the general practice environment in municipal/community hospitals and health care centers.


If not us,


For the organization


*This list assumes that at least 2 out of the 3 following conditions are met:

1. The collaboration resulted in a product with a minimum market value of 200 million euros

2. The collaboration has been on equal terms and not as subsidiary or "free stuff"

3. The projects begun in collaboration were also successively concluded within budget - we do not term "promising results" as collaboration but as trials.







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